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My Role 

The idea

The PartnerRun app is the easiest and the most fun way to find ideal running partners.

- User Experience
- User Interface
- Branding

- Illustration

- Prototype

- Research

The app builds on your fitness level and interests analysis and adapts to the runners who can join you for a run. The app concentrates on sporting and social data and provides a solution for 2 runners

The Problem

Today it is difficult for people to find runners of the right level of fitness. The app answers the need to find you a partner that you can run with and keep fit.
In order to find a running partner today people are using Facebook and uploading a post about the runner search, it is cumbersome and does not produce good results

The Research

The study was based on asking runners and runners about their important data in their search for the right runner. The results revealed that for everyone the most important is the average pace and total weekly run of the runner, in addition it is important for them to have 2-3 interests in order to have a fun talk while running. I put emphasis on these areas in building the personal profile of the runner and the dashboard that each runner has centered on the technical and personal data

The app provides a convenient and effective platform for coordinating running with the punctual runners for you while emphasizing the physical data and interests of runners

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